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launching 2023


Helping you to capture your memories, vibrantly.


Helping you to capture your memories in full vibrant colour. 

Angie Roberts's paintings are a connection of colour and boundless creative passion.

Angie is based in the UK and works to curate colour narratives that connect people, place and memory.

Her lively imagination pours into each piece, enriching them with the energy and vibrancy of colour and the feeling it evokes. Materials and tools she uses are all part of the narrative, some are created by using hands and fingers as tools and others the big brushes of colour to layer gentle kisses of colour to the canvas surface.


Her amazingly bright artworks resonate with so many and collectors globally with two main collections per year and undertaking commissions throughout the year. Her original works are available via the Gallery and selected works on Saatchi Art.


Get in touch via the contact page to ask for any information about a painting, commission or event you want to capture the memory of in real time or if you would like Angie to talk at an event about her process as an artist.

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