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Email: angie@angierobertsart.com  Phone:  07824 993185

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Faraway Tree - Pre-School FF
A transformation of a space in a pre-school for a reading area for the children. The theme of the Faraway Tree was taken and adapted to include the school dog Marvyn. There are also many tiny creatures hidden within the doors of the tree, cinnabar moth, ant family, spider with nail varnish and a ladybird to name a few.
Faraway Tree Detail - Pre-School FF
Detail of a doorway into the tree. We agreed to keep it an opening rather than a door so that the children could receive gifts and messages from the Faraway Tree Folk. When the mural was completed, I left a Faraway Tree book for the pre-school so that the children could imagine as it was read to them.
Faraway Tree Detail  - Pre-School FF
Faraway Tree Detail - Pre-School FF
Marvyn the School dog as a butterflydog.
The Gruffalo
A paint for an Interior Design Company, specialists in Show Homes.
Keals - No Place Like Home
Mural in situ, with two additions of myself and mini!
Keals - No Place Like Home
Detail of the top left corner. Sunflowers welcome customers by the main front door, which were incorporated into the design.
Keals - No Place Like Home
The bird in ruby slippers.
Keals - No Place Like Home
A design for a quirky interiors company. A colourful bird adorns her bough in ruby slippers.
Catmose Sports Centre (SLL)
The hair drying wall, pipes and electrical cable colour matched and concealed in the design. A playful mermaid and ballet octopus keep an eye on all the preening!
Catmose Sports Centre (SLL)
View to the swimming pool. The 7 levels of swimming and also a 'catmose doubloons' quest for younger swimmers and a treasure chest guarded by an octopus.
Catmose Sports Centre (SLL)
The view from the swimming pool. Depicting the 7 levels of swimming, different hats and the AquaEd logo.
Night to Day
Before and after.
Night to Day
Incorporating quotations on the treasure found in reading.
Night to Day
Forming part of the library mural for Farndon Fields Primary School.
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