Keals - No Place Like Home

Mural in situ, with two additions of myself and mini!

Keals - No Place Like Home

Detail of the top left corner. Sunflowers welcome customers by the main front door, which were incorporated into the design.

Keals - No Place Like Home

The bird in ruby slippers.

Faraway Tree Detail - Pre-School FF

Detail of a doorway into the tree. We agreed to keep it an opening rather than a door so that the children could receive gifts and messages from the Faraway Tree Folk. When the mural was completed, I left a Faraway Tree book for the pre-school so that the children could imagine as it was read to them.

Faraway Tree Detail  - Pre-School FF
Catmose Sports Centre (SLL)

View to the swimming pool. The 7 levels of swimming and also a 'catmose doubloons' quest for younger swimmers and a treasure chest guarded by an octopus.

Catmose Sports Centre (SLL)

The view from the swimming pool. Depicting the 7 levels of swimming, different hats and the AquaEd logo.

Night to Day

Incorporating quotations on the treasure found in reading.

Night to Day

Forming part of the library mural for Farndon Fields Primary School.

Reception and Staff Room

The fern theme taken from the school logo was the springboard for the design concept that visualised this theme within all design areas across the school.

Quotations School Hall alcoves

Two large alcoves freehand design echoing the design theme of the fern from the reception, staff room and throughout the school.

The Colouring Book Mural

The colouring book mural was taken from one of my sketches that the client wanted on a larger scale to depict inspirational quotes for their child. This was a half wall wrap around to include a chalk board wall so that the child could explore their own artistic adventures.

Wrap around image

The Colouring Book Mural wraparound on the right wall and carrying on over the door frame. These murals can be extended as needed once there is an adjoining theme or change in what the clients needs are. The unique thing about a commissioned piece is that it is made just for you. Murals can be also made on ply board and hung in a room. This would allow you to take the piece of art with you if you choose to move.

Enchanted Forest Mural

The mural commission was for a WOW piece within a downstairs loo. The client had the initial colour idea and potential theme of nature and we worked together to produce this image as a focus within the small space. I painted the entire space including the ceiling in Dulux green accent which formed the backdrop to the main image.