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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Many things hold a fascination and take shape in my imagination. Let me share the one of these musings on the subject of the Moon.

From watching an old documentary one Sunday showing the fantastical early animation

'Le Voyage dans La Lune' Georges Melies in 1902 and the childhood years of watching 'The Clangers' playing on the Moon. I am fascinated by the ball of rock and minerals that as been the source of great artwork throughout the ages.

In the last couple of years I have felt a strong creative pull to the Moon Phases and often I will wake with an urge to write. This can be ideas for paintings, colour combinations, shopping lists, paints I would love etc. Anyway, it could and is anything and everything!

There is something about the moon that is mystifying to me and no matter when I see it, I refer to it as a Ducky Moon. It faces to the right if you look close enough. Try it on the next Full Moon and see what you can see.

Even though I am drawn to the Moon, I have only ever painted the Moon in three works so far. They are listed and shown below from oldest to the latest in a 17 year range. You can see from the images below they show my work from incredibly illustrative to the more abstract approach in my current work.

  1. The Japanese Shop of Magic (in a tarot card of La Lune) - 2004

  2. By Moonlight (my mum as a cat, again) - 2005

  3. New Moon (during one of many 3am wake ups) - 2020




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