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Can't Stop Spring

61 x 61 cm

Original Oil and Cold Wax On Canvas


My art tastes have changed in time and at one time I didn't understand the beauty in Picasso or the simple way Hockney managed to paint water....until time passed, years flew by and I grew to love these artists and how they look at the world around them and deeply intwine with their art.


This painting was started after the Shelter Series and I added sections of discarded canvas into a digital media, just like Hockney uses his Ipad to create imagery. I wanted to join the Shelter Series to the next developments in my paintings.


This painting was one of the first to start the series by way of joining the last to the new. It is like weaving time into the work to carry on the thread. For me this work represents the new beginning that is inevitable. David Hockney and Martin Gayford produced a book 'Spring Cannot Be Cancelled' as David Hockney decided to live in Normandy at the beginning of lockdown to capture the world around him, the changing seasons and living the simple life in a cottage with little mod cons. It was an utter joy to read the process he works with to create and it inspired me.

Can't Stop Spring

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