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Childhood and What Ifs

Acrylic on canvas

61 x 61cm


This painting proved difficult to make and was reimagined over a few days of being looked at, worked on, left again - you get the picture until I felt she was breathing on her own. The way I create is intensly personal and this one proved a challenge.


In this painting I am creating the carefree time of childhood, when my life was simple and when it became more complicated. I always strive for balance in my life and when things go wrong which in life they do, it has a seemingly rippling effect through time. Sometimes you do not understand it at the time how something will change your life as you know it and change carefree to caution. I always want to retain the sense of What If though, allow the dream to fruit and then take a juicey bite out of all the opportunity that presents itself. 


The painting is about carrying the carefree childhood sentiment into adulthood and allowing the What If to allow you to dream and make them real with preseverance and work.

Childhood and What ifs

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