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Escape to HueIslands (10 individually sold)Original Acrylic On Unframed CanvasReady to hang 100mm x 100mm  Autumn 2021 SeriesEvoloving ConnectionsThe paintings in the series are based on the elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth with a fifth element which is magic! Depicting all the elements as ten individual pieces making the whole, just as each town, village, city, country and continent is part of the whole Earth. Escape to HueIslands is a yearning for solice as our lives get busier, as our calendars are full of activities, gymnastics on Wednesdays, Horse Riding on a weekend, meeting friends, playdates and having meaningful conversations.... The HueIslands were made as an way of grounding in a mini delicious island of treasure, calm, stealing away time for a cup of tea and a biscuit or lighting a candle for yourself as you relax in a warm bath (now I am really wanting tea, biscuit and being in the bath), anyway, I need to finish writing this story, focus! So, what I am trying to say is these are islands that you can dream of where worries melt like lemon drops, you can loose yourself in the journey of one colour to the next. It is taking you on a colourwonderful adventure. The original ideas of the elements to be used within the Autumn Series came many years ago in the form of a dream diary I kept in one of my sketchbooks. Each time there was a dream, it had the connection to all of the others via the elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water. I like to think that by using these themes and developing the stories the fifth element of magic is made in the form of a colourful treasure that evolves with you through time.UK p&p included.If International - please contact me for shipping costs as they will be additionally charged.

Escape to HueIslands -Road V

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