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Cover Me In Sunshine

Acrylic on canvas

1.5 x 1 mtr


At this time we could all do with love. Love of oneself, of nature, of one another.

This started as a colourful dance, vibrant, jewel like and bursting. It wasn't finished though...

It wanted to be veiled, hidden slightly only showing a glorious and beautifully restrained hint of colour.


That's where I now need to leave her before I absolutely wreck her!


The painting for me captures the way I am through time in many ways. I am many Angie's to many people, a wife, a mother, an artist, a carer of fur family, a daughter, a shy person, a colour person, an outgoing introvert and extrovert who likes solitude...complicated but loving simple things in life. I hope you can resonate with the painting too.

Cover Me In Sunshine

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