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Infinite JoyPortfolio 2021.40 x 40 cm16 x 16 inches.Original Oil on Canvas.Inspired during a pivotal change in my art direction during 2020. I wanted to feel the colour, be in the moment and be appreciative of all that we were able to do during this time of staying at home, insulated and safe in our family units. This piece is inspired by my daughter who is a Hurricane (her nickname) who is forever dancing, swishing, singing, prancing and whooping with laughter. If I could bottle her zest, it would be most coveted elixir.  In all her colourful finery, she makes the darkest day bright.Her rays of light would touch everyone and everything. I am hoping that the painting inspires a colour meditation in appreciation for the free things in life. The medium was chosen as I had time to rediscover oil colour again after a 20+ year departure from oils into acrylic. I had time for the paintings to develop and dry during this time. Working quickly felt too odd at this moment in time. Therefore the slower pace but joy is reflected within this painting.UK p&p included.If International - please contact me for shipping costs as they will be additionally charged.

Infinite Joy

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