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Shelter V

Acrylic Original Painting

On Gold Loxley Professional Canvas


60 x 60cm 

24 x 24 inches


A dance between the summer sun and autumnal tones, it is a feeling of knowing that time is marching on and nature keeping it's own waxing and waning cycle of live. The painting has layered multi tones of the light coming from inbetween trees, the foliage on the floor and the glimpse of the sky without cloud all in the same vision.


It is a colourful journey amongst the shelters from wood that various groups had made in the area. I like the feeling of being in nature and knowing that humans have had a hand in changing or making something in the landscape.


Shelter V was formed from drawings made at various times during the day at Pitsford Water in Northamptonshire in September 2021.

Shelter V

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