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Acrylic on canvas

First Fingerpainted Original (a pivotal painting)

61 x 61cm


The development to loosen my style came with this last painting of this Series as it was made firstly with light brush strokes, then using a pebble from the North Wales shores and then slate from Wales (where I originate from in Llandudno). In the space of the 8 paintings in the Series there are leaps and developments and some overpainting through the process to free the mark making and colour.


The words associated with Siblings are follows:


Good and Evil





Fortune and despair



The painting follows the lives of two brothers who once adored one another until in the words of Chaucer in the Pardoners Tale 'Money is the root of all evil' and for these brothers it became so true. They fought bitterly over business, one gained and the other did not. What it showed was that life is not always fair, it brings us trails and upset but it also shows us that time marches on and there starts a new after each ending. Sometimes it is not clear to see the path but you have to just keep going.


It is a story of intense love and conflict giving way to each life entwining through time both together and then apart.


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