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The Colour Carousel

Oil on canvas

76 x 51cm


It's a kind of magic to loose yourself doing what you love to do!

All aboard the Colour Carousel to entice you with all the revels of a fairground. It captures my memories in childhood of the fair coming to Llandudno and the way all the rides made you dizzy. My first foray on a big wheel left me scared for life. I was in the seat with my Dad and it stopped right at the top to let people off, I thought it had broken which led to me panicking on a big wheel. I have since parachuted at 3,000ft and had a microlighting lesson so made myself unafraid of heights to a certain extent but still cannot like a big wheel.


This painting captures the fun at the fair in summers gone by, the whirling and living in the moment.

It is a feeling of being exhilarated by colour, sound and the vibrancy of the fair.

The Colour Carousel

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