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The Flow of Time

Oil and Cold Wax on canvas

76 x 51cm


This was a painting I started soon after Christmas 2021 and worked on for a few months on and off in the studio. 'In time and with water, everything changes' - Leonardo Da Vinci once said. The same is true of my first layers in water mixable oil colour and then once dry, addition of layering with oil and cold wax. The yellow layers literally mean the ebb and flow of the painting over that time.


The painting captures my memory of one of my 'Out of Comfort Zone Challenges' about 7 years ago now when I decided to do a Bushcraft course in early February one year staying out overnight for 2 nights, eating off the campfire and a basic sleeping bivvy made with fern leaves. During the first night it was -7 degrees and the second was -5. After the first night, I awoke to a view that was breathtaking at dawn with all the colours you see in the painting. It was crisp and clear and the first vapour trails from flights were beginning the many many journeys all those people were flying to. The second night was a visit from a fox who sniffed my head in the night. Pure magic.


The painting for me captures the memory of the morning after living a basic day of survival, seeing all the beauty that was right there infront of me. Time to enjoy, time to grow and time to challenge is all wrapped up in this painting.

The Flow of Time

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