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Everything I do is to vibrantly connect people, places and memory. I believe that by capturing a moment as a visual treasure not only reminds us but lives beyond us, a legacy. I just happen to paint these unique and glorious moments in time. Do you want to connect to the Gift Horse?Gift Horse - (Little Houses).Original Acrylic on Canvas.76 x 61cm30 x 24 inches.The Gift Horse was a story from a dream I had in 1998. I interpreted the dream at the time as helping the Horse find their voice, as they whispered gently into the breeze..Lately I have been uncovering my sketchbook treasures and working with forgotten stories. The Gift Horse (little houses) is a symbolic version of a Taid (grandfather in Welsh - I'm Welsh) I sadly was too late being born to meet. So I've painted him as the Gifthorse and he now roams with me leading me to my true creative voice. We walk through the Rhondda looking at the little boxes (houses) in the 1962 song of the same title.Little boxes on the hillsideLittle boxes made of ticky tackyLittle boxes on the hillsideLittle boxes all the sameThe Gift Horse is showing you and I that we are not all the same. Some of us are bold, vibrant colourful creatures living in Joy!UK p&p included.If International - please contact me for shipping costs as they will be additionally charged.

The Gift Horse - Little Houses

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