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The Passing of Time

Original Acrylic on Canvas

61 x 61cm


'I approch everything with respect and gratitude'Holly Tucker MBE wrote and mentioned in her podcasts. It was a life changing moment when she found out we have about 29,000 days on this planet! WOW... It makes you realise each day is a gift and you cannot get it back. In her book 'Do what you LOVE What you do' it shines a light on the creative community and small business to use your passion to live a more fulfilled life. I loved it and strive to keep on gathering the strong women mentors around me into helping me fulfil my passion to create.


In this painting, it has all the colourful abundance of life and living. Each of the yellow vibrant lines in the crosshatch of time in our colourful lives, which also appears in The Flow of Time in this series.

The Passing of Time

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