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The ProposalPortfolio 2021.Original Acrylic on Canvas.Size : 76 x 61cm.This painting was made in May 2020 and called Too Close to Home. It looked very different then and was a way of making a piece of art as a way of protecting my parents from the virus. I know, I know, but it helped...In June 2022 it told me it was definitely not finished, there was more to say. I wanted, no, needed to add Permanent Light Blue Hue and Cadmium Yellow and give it another version of itself. This time, it would connect with the lifting of restrictions, seeing family again and proposing we carry forward the good parts from life in lockdown. I valued the time spent with Mr Brightside and Hurricane8, sharing board games, nature walks and play amongst many more goodies..This is my own connection to this vibrant beauty. I wonder what yours will be?UK p&p included.If International - please contact me for shipping costs as they will be additionally charged.

The Proposal

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